Dennis M. Postema

INTRODUCING THE Dennis M. Postema Executive Coach Wealth Coach Performance Coach DMP

INTRODUCING THE Dennis M. Postema Executive Coach Wealth Coach Performance Coach


Through personal experiences with tragedy, life-changing surgeries, and health issues, Dennis developed a unique perspective on the journey to success, and for the past 19 years, he has been helping clients break through their own barriers. Through his dedication to the client and their personal needs, Dennis has revolutionized the business world one step at a time. 

"To truly realize your potential, you must understand and utilize every source of power inside of you." -Dennis M. Postema

Dennis' Story

Introducing international best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, certified health coach, certified life coach, speaker, & registered financial consultant, Dennis M. Postema. 

At just 20 years of age, Dennis M. Postema began his career in the insurance industry. Unfortunately, a few months later, he lost his biggest cheerleader, his older brother, to a car accident in October 2002. After his brother’s passing, Dennis realized that aside from the obituary & accident report, there was nothing that helped others connect with the impact that his brother left. 

It was shortly after, that Dennis began to dive-deep into Self-Help & Motivation through Brian Tracy’s programs. He ended up having a dream that started out as God popping in a VHS tape showing all of Dennis’ life & accomplishments. Who then showed him another tape, this time depicting all that he was capable of achieving with the talents he had been given. 

He found his purpose, he found his why, & he tackled it head-on. Since starting his first company in 2005, he has since founded a dozen more successful small businesses. The goal of each one is to help as many people become the best versions of themselves. He believes that how well you have taken the talents given to you and made an impact, plays into your final judgement. So, he is driven to coach others to make the most out of every single day.