Dennis M. Postema


I want to tell you about my friends at Motivation and Success Publishing. Dennis Postema being the CEO and visionary there. I started working with these, I was for 13 years, a direct response copywriter and a professional freelance ghostwriter. So I know quite a bit about book publishing and how hard it is to publish a book and really get the name of the book out there and of the author out there. I created a book a couple months ago just as a passion project, wasn’t really trying to do anything very serious with it. And the book became an International Best Seller because of Motivation and Success Publishing. I was astonished by the value that these guys delivered. They even got me a place in New York Times Square, which caused all of my fans just to rave over my presence there. And so I’m really, really excited about releasing my next book, which is coming at the end of this year, at the end of 2023, and working some more with Motivation and Success Publishing. And also they’re going to be helping me publish my podcast on Apple T.V. and a bunch of other places in front of billions of people. So I’m really, really excited about what they’re doing for me. They are the real deal. I have been astonished by the exposure, the attention, and the results that they’ve done for me. I think anybody who is serious about writing a book and becoming not just an author, but an authority, needs to talk to these guys.

Seth Czerepak

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Dennis Postema is absolutely amazing. He will help you change your game. He is going to make you understand the importance of what it means to be a brand & how to elevate. He will have the right answers for you & he will help you change your life.

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

Emmy Nominated Actress & Stuntwoman
I cannot express enough: If you are looking to grow your business, your brand, your message. . . If you are looking to grow and leverage your expertise, I would highly suggest and highly recommend working with Motivation and Success, with Dennis & his entire team.

Karissa Adkins

Health and Fitness Coach